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Precious Cargo - Chapter 25 - First Things First
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The following story is copyrighted material and all rights belong solely to the author.  Any reproduction or republication of any or all of this publication without the explicit and expressed written consent from the author is strictly forbidden.
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Chapter 25 - First Things First

As the hologram faded, the First again looked to the new Shipmaster and said, “Your orders, sir?”

The Spartan stood and digested his new responsibilities.  He had thought that he would be killed for bringing back the body of the Elite.  This development was entirely unexpected and the Spartan took his time to carefully choose his first command.

The Spartan turned to the First and said, “Were you able to track any ships that left the Ancestral Ring?”

The First bowed slightly and said, “No, Shipmaster.”

“Well, we know it has something to do with the Ark, so we will start there.  How many ships do we have?” the Spartan asked.

Straightening from his bow, the First said, “Our house is made up of 13 ships after the battle with the Prophet of Truth.  But we have an alliance with many other houses and I have received pledges of many more.  I will receive the final count soon.  All have vowed to follow the Shadow of Intent and its Shipmaster.”

The Spartan took note of the First’s words when he said, ‘our house’.  He had been alone on missions for so many years; the thought brought back old memories from before his missions began.

“I don’t think I am the Shipmaster that they expect”, the Spartan replied.

The First looked at his new Shipmaster and said in a very serious tone, “Our brother had great faith in you and to honor his memory, I will concede to his wishes.”  The First bowed as if to his fallen brother.  Then looking up and into the visor of the Spartan he continued, “But if I do not think you worthy, I will kill you where you stand.”

The Spartan looked at his First, his new brother and said, “I would expect nothing less from my First.”

The First looking in the direction that the crew took the body of their former leader said distantly, “And they will eagerly follow the Shy-Gheer-Maag into battle.  To add such a thing to their own songs is a great gift in itself.”

The Spartan looked in the same direction of the remaining crew that were making the deck and smaller ships ready for battle.  He realized that not only did he have to live up to being the new Shipmaster of a fleet but to the ancient legend, as well.

Shaking off the thought, the Spartan said, “Prepare yourself and our crew for battle, brother.  Make way to the last known coordinates of the Ark when you are ready.”

The First bowed with one hand at his chest and walked away happy that his new Shipmaster was familiar with the Elite tradition of personal battle preparation.  The First then turned and asked, “Shipmaster, did you retrieve the artifact?”

The Spartan looked at his First and said, “We got something.  Whether or not it is the artifact that our brother spoke of, I don’t know.”

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