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Col. Walker's Adventures (Stargate RPG)
« on: September 14, 2010, 02:47:45 AM »
From time to time I've been putting up RP posts from my Stargate site, where the character of Col. Walker originated :) Here's another!

Lost City of Akrotiri - Delian Galaxy
Officer of the Senior Staff Director

Walker sat in the leather chair that sat against one wall of his officer, pondering the events of late. Katrina's disappearance, the discovery and eradication of the clone, and his own performance reviews wore on him like a million-pound weight. The obvious first reaction he had to his fiancee's abduction was the immediate transfer of his duties to that search. At first, General Kepler and Troy had gone along with it cautiously. As time progressed, however, concerns were raised about his objectivity, and if their relationship was clouding his judgement. An IOA report was filed, and he was ordered to cease any further work on the investigation. His reaction to the news was none too good; his official record was marked with the incident.

On top of that, Robert had returned to Earth a few days ago to undergo his next annual review and promotion board. He grew uncomfortable with many of the personal questions being asked, and could tell the line of questioning did not bode well for him. Things seemed to be still going ok right to the end, when the one-star chairing the board asked him, "Would you shirk your responsibilities in your present command if you had to choose between them and the life of Major Logan?" His hesitation and the look on his face seemed to be answer enough for the Brigadier, who concluded the board and dismissed him.

The next day, he was brought before the board for the results. The Marine General removed his glasses before beginning, "Colonel Walker, your service record with the SGC and its affiliate programs is colorful, but impressive. Your performance has been excellent, and your dedication to the Corps and your comrades is commendable." At this point he paused, then continued, "That said, the recent obvious split in your focus between your personal life and your duties had brought this panel to doubt your capabilities." Walker felt his heart sink a little, then the man said, "At this time, we will not be putting your name on the Colonel selection list. You will retain your current duty assignment. However, your career will be topped at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel should you choose to continue with your field command on the Delian Expedition. There are other avenues for you to explore, and an adminstrative role such as the one you have been staffing for some time now, Director of the Senior Staff, is the type of work that a panel like this would consider permissive to a full grade promotion to Colonel."

Those words echoed in Robert's head as he came back to the present, and glanced around his office. He was being forced to choose between the career he wanted, and the love of his life. Three years ago, the choice would have been simple: the Corps. Not now ... now there was no choice. He had submitted his official resignation as Commanding Officer of SD-3 to his superiors two days prior, which would become effective in 30 days. The other team leaders and Senior Staff had been apprised as well. It was obvious to those around him that he was different now; colder, less amicable, focused on the job at hand. He could see the looks out of the corner of his eyes, the ones that asked Can he handle it? What's he going to do?

They had every right to wonder, as well. He was sure that all of them would still put their lives on the line for him, but he had to earn some of their confidence in him back now. All of that, however, was secondary to finding out what had happened to Katrina. In his heart, he knew she was still out there, and he was keeping tabs on the search, tight-rope walking the line between interference and constraint. But who could blame him?

Getting up from the chair, the Lieutenant Colonel straightened his lapel reflexively as he looked in the mirror. He looked worn-down even to himself. The lines beneath his eyes showed the restless, rare sleep he was getting, and there were creases in his face near his mouth from his now-native tight-lipped expressions.

A chime from his door interrupted his thoughts. He paused for a moment, cleared his throat and called out, "Enter."