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omg yes!
« on: September 24, 2010, 07:28:04 PM »
well i recently picked up Cod4(almost by accident  :P )
but heres the story, funny kinda
my mom made me go with her to see my grandma to get coffe, at 7 pm  :LOL:
but i was given $30 in the issue and bought CoD4  ;D
time to see you on the tracks, and in the field

ok EDIT: removed my double post, copied and pasting what was said here

ok issue on multiplayer, single player is fine, but the multiplayer launcher is failing
it says i3wp.exe failed to launch
any ways to fix? re-install?
help please  Smiley

EDIT!: issue fixed
my PC does not have an internal microphone chip, so i needed to plug in a mic, which was my rockband mic XD
anyways, found Col Walkers zombiw server and played a few rounds with BFM_Reaper there
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