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Walking the Map on Infinity
« on: October 13, 2010, 08:56:48 PM »
Here is the official ruling from BFM regarding mapwalking on Infinity. Please read carefully. Compiled by BFM_Zakk.

The rule is official that no one is allowed to walk the map of Infinity. It's pretty clear. Zeenzie gave a link in his 2nd post.,43628.0.html (BFM Recruits and Full Admins Only)

In that thread, there's a lot of discussion about people being confused about this rule, but Elvis says you cannot walk the map, so... you can't walk the map.

If you don't feel like reading the whole two pages of thread, then read the following quotes and this link:,43628.msg317340.html#msg317340 (BFM Recruits and Full Admins Only)

That should pretty much clear up everything.

The correct answer if you actually read the rules and the intent of the rules is that you CANNOT walk. It is an offense that could cause you to get kicked. You also cant use the bridges on infinity. If you cant use the bridges then its only common sense to think you cant walk. You may walk AT THE BASE, side to side until you see a hog. You cant stay at the base and sit on the nav waiting to get a hog. I hope that clears up things.

Might map-walking even help to discourage slayer, since then less people will be at base fighting each other?

I disagree and say it encourages slayer. You are now walking the map. So you will be at times going out of your way to chase a hog to nade etc. You are just trying to race but know you need a hog. So you will do whatever you can to get one. If your at the base you are walking from one side to the other just waiting for a hog. Many times one spawns quickly and you grab it and go. No slayer there. Even when someone spawns with you they have a hog by then and you have one. Doesnt turn into slayer at all if your following the rules.
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