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** Welcome to the Gaming Gallery! ** (RULES)
« on: August 28, 2007, 02:32:09 PM »
Welcome, Welcome, One And All!   See The Sights Fantastic!   Marvel In Wonderful Awe As The Games Expand Your Mind And Time Is Lost Without Memory!   Here, There Be Dragons...

And so we come to a Point of Origin, or one might say a Portal of the Fantastic.  Within the caged confines of this forum one may find new ways to Enlightenment, travel the Paths of Those Who Have Gone Before and learn the Secrets of Wisdom that they have left behind in their quests for Gaming Knowledge.  Each caged board has it's own Rules, and while on safari within each portal it would behoove one to read them carefully in order to survive the marvels and Dangerous Beasts that lurk therein.  One never knows if the Secrets of Wisdom hold peril, or Racing Power far beyond that which one currently holds.  Seek ye within, Traveler, and find that which interests Those Who Have Gone Before! violin

{=- Time Trials Portal -=}

{=- Halo Role-Playing Game Portal -=}

{=- Halo (CE) Custom Edition Portal -=}

{=- Halo CE Map Suggestions Portal -=}

{=- Realm of Games Portal -=}
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