Author Topic: Getting out of passenger seat to take a hog  (Read 5269 times)

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Getting out of passenger seat to take a hog
« on: July 31, 2007, 02:40:05 PM »
If your in the passenger and you jump out to get a hog because they spilled and you believe you can get that hog and get out with it ,then that would be legal. Your intention wasn't to play slayer or attack them you just saw a chance to grab their hog from them without having to attack them. It is a tough one but I would think doing this would be ok. Now if you were in a passenger seat and 2 guys are trying to get into a hog and you get out to nade them and try to take the hog I think that is different. But if you jump out they had spilled and dont fight them but jump in the hog and try to get away I say that would be legal. But I dont think it would be right for you to fight over the hog. So if you jump out to get it your only escape is to get that hog out if they start fighting you then your dead meat and shouldnt fight back to be fair. If anymore officers would like to answer this yoo, that would be good to see what everyone thinks about my response and his question.

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