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~*BFM CE MAP ROTATION (download links here)*~
« on: February 21, 2010, 02:33:02 AM »
Below are all the links to the CE maps used on the BFM server. The gametypes are: race every other map, with CKOS in between. 

Original discussion thread HERE


Current Rotation (Maps Added in Orange, Maps Removed in Red)

Halo HQ – Race
TLSstronghold – Oddball
WPItest1 Race – Race
Gate - Capture the Flag
Facing Worlds RX - Race
CMT Snow grove - Race
PillarofAutumn MP Beta1 – King of the Hill
BC Raceway Final BFM MP – Race
Training Ground Zero - Slayer
HighLow Race – Race
No Remorse – Oddball
New Mombasa Race – Race
Ambush – Capture the Flag
Launch Bay – Race
Tactics – King of the Hill
DeathIsland Race – Race
Delta Ruined Intense - Slayer
Star Canyon - Race
Luigi Raceway V2 - Race
Reach City - Oddball
Twist Beta - Race
Mayan Sacrifice – Race
H2 Coagulation - Capture the Flag
Casualty Isle v2 – Race
Chronopolis C3 Public Beta v0.3 - King of the Hill
HogRacing Day – Race
NewChaosGulch – Slayer

Downloads (Current Rotation):

Map Pack (347.73 MB) available for download >>HERE<<

All maps are in the pack.  Single links to each map are below, if you prefer to download them individually.
** In alphabetical order for verifying if you have the maps. **

Ambush Download
bc_raceway_final_bfm_mp  Download
casualty_isle__V2  Download
chronopolis_c3_public_beta0.3  Download
Deathisland_Race Download
Deltaruined_intense  Download
Facing_WorldsRX  Download
Gate  Download
H2_Coagulation  Download
Halo_HQ  Download
highlow_race  Download
hogracing_day  Download
Launch Bay  Download
New_Mombasa_Race  Download
newchaosgulch  Download
No_Remorse Download
pillarofautumn_mp_beta1 Download
Reach_City  Download
Star Canyon  Download
Tactics Download
TLSstronghold  Download
Training_Ground_Zero  Download
twist_beta  Download
wpitest1_race  Download

Downloads (Old / Miscellaneous Maps):

beryl  Download
Blockfort__Race  Download
broadsword  Download
bfm_final  Download
ChaosGulchV2  Download
Cityscape-adrenaline Download
cmt_Snow_Grove  Download
Domain Final Download
Decoy  Download
grove_final  Download
Headlong_pb2 Download
Jellystone  Download
Luigi_RacewayV2  Download
Mayan_sacrifice Download
mystic_mod  Download
nightglow_v2  Download
Outpost_Rio_Classic  Download
Paint ForestV1  Download
Paradoxical  Download
portent  Download
Sciophobia  Download
secrets_of_egypt Download
siege  Download
SkullCanyon  Download
snipercanyon  Download
snowtorn_cove  Download
Thepillarofautumnspace Download
Warthog_run_final Download
worm-born  Download
Yoyorast_island  Download
z_Sanctuary_H2 pb2  Download
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