Author Topic: New Race level For Custom Edition. It is Assault on Control Room. Interested?  (Read 2967 times)

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Just thinking about this but... for this specific map, you could possibly break it up into parts. When I was watching the video I instantly thought that if you had the spawn points on opposite sides of the map, much like Danger Canyon, then it might work a bit better for the section that I want to break off.

I want to include the first part by possibly making the bridge a bit wider then creating another bridge that requires a bit more skill but reduces lap time, and then also widening the walkways onto the Beacon, and put a nav at the far end (the end that's closest to the giant hole). You could just close off that giant hole by using one of the walls in the giant corridor.

Throw in some teleporters, a place for a flag ( I'd suggest at the far end of the beacon and the other near the dropship), and a spot for the oddball and there ya go... It's not too big, but also not too cramped.

You'd still need to put a ramp so that you can get back to the dropship from the beacon. Might be able to take one from Danger Canyon and just lower it into the ground? -isn't familiar with HMT- v.v

Just my 2c
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The other point is that it's a very "linear" track. Might be worth making it smaller, especially if there were to be team races on it - 192 seconds for a lap, and added to the that high likelihood of kills, would make it a very long race.

Not sure how to get round these comments - maybe it's a map that isn't suited for race. But good work and I might be being very pessimistic (it's wouldn't be the first time...).

What I can do is make a script that attaches the spawn point to an invisible object (basically an object that hasn't been rendered yet. Has no collision either) and so as soon as you go through a trigger volume the spawn point then attaches itself to the invisible object which then allows the player to spawn to whatever spawn point they were nearest too, last. 

Lastly, what would you think of the Maw being a race map? I have been trying to make it as a good map but then again it could be just too large? What do you think?