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Title: XFIRE & MSN etc. Names on Profiles *Forum Policy*
Post by: Wic on January 21, 2010, 04:34:57 AM
Hey Everyone;

Due to concerns regarding XFIRE, MSN & Yahoo, etc. names being posted in profiles and forums, it is now BFM Forum Policy that these NOT be displayed either in profiles, signature areas, or elsewhere on the forums.  

Should you have your XFIRE, MSN, Yahoo, etc. displayed on your profile, or in your signature area, please remove it.  We will be checking profiles and removing them, but it would be a HUGE help to BFM if you removed these yourself and we would really appreciate it!

If you are a guest in our servers and find your server needs an admin you can always jump in another server that has one and let them know, or come to the forums and PM any admin you see online.  Please be sure to let them know which server it is you were in so we know where to go.

Thanks for understanding and helping us out with this :)