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Title: Nading at start of games
Post by: Sst on November 24, 2020, 10:17:30 AM
I know that during gameplay I have spoken out a few times on this subject. The issue I have, at the beginning of games both blue and red spawn at the same base. If you rush for a rocket hog or even a machine gun hog with a partner on your team just to get away, many players nade straight  off the bat without seeking a hog. I find this really unfair, they also have equal opportunity to seek out a hog, but choose not to, causing much chaos at the start of games.  BFM Invert says its ok to nade if the hog is loaded, which I understand once the game has started and movement is occurring.

Many times when killed at the start you respawn at a base with 0 hogs, therefore i can only assume, that a nadefest is the best way to play at the beginning of each game.

Thanks for your time
Title: Re: Nading at start of games
Post by: BFM_Enigma on November 24, 2020, 11:58:53 AM
Personally I don't like the nade fests that sometimes occur either. We ask in our servers that nades need to be thrown at an actual target. We do not want carpet nading, and players throwing nade after nade (spam nading) with no specific target in mind. Racers also should not be stationary-waiting for you to load up (camping), but moving to a hog even on foot. Particularly with newer racers this happens too frequently at race start and after spawning at a base. These types of attacks should be warned and enforced by our admins as rule violations.

How is anyone to know someone is rushing to load up on a hog just to get away. Countless times I have jumped in a drivers seat while waiting for a gunner, or simply driving away, then a rocket pulling away shoots rarely missing. The driver may want to just get away, but most gunners would still shoot the rockets legally at any target.

Our rule 7.1: You may attack an enemy player when they are attacking you or you believe you are in imminent danger.

In our servers a loaded hog is always considered an imminent threat. As long as the racer nading is not camping, spamming, or violating any other rule nading a loaded hog is legal in a BFM server.

SST, thanks for posting appreciate your thoughts. I guess no rules are perfect or cover every situation. Just wanted to explain the reasoning behind BFM rules on this.
Title: Re: Nading at start of games
Post by: Sst on November 24, 2020, 09:13:04 PM
Thank you BFM Enigma for your prompt reply,

Much appreciated