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Danger Canyon - Tunnels
« on: July 31, 2007, 02:05:37 PM »
Part 1:

The only time it is legal to take the tunnels on Danger is if the base is crawling with the enemy on foot. One person at the base isn't considered a good reason to take the tunnels. If you have 3 or more of the enemy on foot at the base then you can take that tunnel and only then. If a rocket hog is coming into the base do your best to dodge but dont take the tunnels.

From - Elvis' post on old board 3-23-2006

Part 2:

One of the reasons we do not allow the tunnels in our closed scrims is that we want to create more contact between the teams and let skill hopefully be the deciding factor. Also in the case where a team only needs one point to win, driving through the tunnels is a safe and most likely a secure way of obtaining that nav. But it creates a lot more competition to be able to drive back against the other team to obtain the score. In our scrims we also do not allow a player to run the tunnels on danger canyon unless there are absolutely no hogs to take. These rules are basically to increase the competition level for our own scrims. They are not meant to to be enforced for public racing, as it would be far too difficult to explain to all the various racers. This thread itself is proof of how hard it would be to explain and enforce. We have many new admin who probably were just not aware of this rule being for our closed scrims only. We are in the process of fixing that though.

From - Nrvend's post on old board 9-25-2006

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