Author Topic: Mac macros: Controllermate, right? Pointers to configuration for it?  (Read 343 times)

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I've lost my original configuration file for ControllerMate (the Mac macros app I used in the Before Time to do the BFM macros when adminning in the public servers), and I haven't been able to find a working download in the forums for it. I'm vaguely thinking that's how I got set up with macros originally: a Mac-using clan member forwarded me a ControllerMate macros file, or sent me a link to download it.

Does this sound familiar? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I'm hoping I can participate in one of the upcoming race nights, if not tonight then maybe the one on Wednesday. I'll ask for pointers in Discord if I can't come up with something before then.



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I might have a copy on one of my old flash drives.  If I do, Iíll send you a PM for an e-mail address to send it. Fingers crossed.

Edit update:  ControllerMate macro file found.  Had to blow off nine years of dust.  E-mailed to Donut.
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