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Title: What about Extinction Slayer?
Post by: X on May 30, 2010, 01:29:14 PM
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I Have a great Map extinction is a large map w/ No bugs

Description is as follows
Supports all gametypes.
Designed for 8-16 players.
Best played in team gametypes.

The story:
The UNSC cruiser hovering above Hotzone, the 'Genocide' was shot down by the Covenant Flagship. On the way down, the Genocide fired its MAC cannon at the Covenant ship, disabling it. Both starships crashed on this section of halo and are fighting for supremecy of the desert.

The ships:
The Genocide Halcyon cruiser: Taken out by a plasma torpedo to the rear, it flew from the sky overlooking Hotzone, to a desert plateau roughly 250 KM up the ring. Thanks to the structural genious of Halcyon cruisers, the Genocide remains nearly undamaged from the crash.

The Vanity and Humility Covenant Flagship: Disabled by a MAC round, it managed a controlled landing. With most of its systems intact, The Vanity and Humility activated its gravity lift and dispersed its troops and vehicles.

Brute Ghost
Fuel Rod Ghost
Passenger Warthog
Missle\Chaingun Warthog
Guass Warthog
Plasma Gun Tower
Missle Jet

New Vehicles:
Missile Warthog: Similar to the standard UNSC Warthog in every way, except the turrets fire four missles that are attached to the rear-mounted .30 cal chaingun.

Passenger Warthog: Designed for quick getaways, this Warthog has no weapons and can reach higher speeds than the standard M12 Warthog.

Jets: The human forces smallest, fastest version of the T51 Skyhawk, sporting four missile pods and and 2 wing-mounted anti-tank missiles.

Covenant Seraph: The Seraph is Covenant single ship. Seraphs are small, fast, and powerful. Boasting twin plasma cannons that fire plasma bolts and secondary plasma torpedoes.

Covenant Scarab: A dangerous nearly indistructible covenant vehicle. The only apparent weakness is the power conduits on its underside. An air strike of two or three jets would prove effective. The Scarab's Main plasma cannon must be charged for three seconds and obliterates most targets with a single hit. The Scarab's secondary cannon fires smaller, less damaging rounds, but has a greater field of fire.

Brute Ghost: Much like the Brute version of the Plasma Rifle, ThIs ghosts weapon fires faster , and the Vehicle travels faster, but is less manuverable.

Phantom: Much the like the Scarab, this is a custom version of the Halo 2 version. Fully Driveable this Phantom has an interior and can transport up to 12 passengers plus a co-pilot.

The link to the map is (
Title: Re: What about Extinction Slayer?
Post by: MrT on May 31, 2010, 03:33:06 PM

but still no mongoose
Title: Re: What about Extinction Slayer?
Post by: Infrn on June 01, 2010, 05:02:10 AM
From what i remember of extinction was that it caused exception data alot, i dunno if it got fixed by something though..

Was fun but only if there was around 12 - 16 players on it, otherwise it was just hide and seek like coldsnap with a few players on it.
Title: Re: What about Extinction Slayer?
Post by: BFM_dStruct on June 04, 2010, 05:50:12 PM
I alway's love playing this map! :)
Title: Re: What about Extinction Slayer?
Post by: Fraggle on June 05, 2010, 10:27:03 AM
I love this map :haw: It's awesome and massive too.

Title: Re: What about Extinction Slayer?
Post by: swant on June 05, 2010, 05:19:35 PM
i personally dislike it verry much........

yet i only played it in the beginning of my ce when i wasn't a good driver/flyer......