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Precious Cargo - Chapter 26 - Day's End
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The following story is copyrighted material and all rights belong solely to the author.  Any reproduction or republication of any or all of this publication without the explicit and expressed written consent from the author is strictly forbidden.
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Chapter 26 - Day's End

The doors opened into the Shipmaster’s cabin.  The Spartan walked into the room slowly, only taking a few step and then stopping.  He looked around taking in the feeling of the room.  This was his cabin now.  When last he woke, he was alone and stranded on a remote moon.  Now he was the Shipmaster of an Assault Carrier with an Elite crew that would follow him anywhere.  He shook his head as he absorbed the events of the day.  Or was it days, he wasn’t sure.  All he knew was that he was injured and tired and had lost a friend, a brother.

The Spartan walked over to the large glass pot.  He opened the lid and looked in.  He knew that he was hungry but he really had no desire to eat.  He carefully replaced the lid and walked to the window where he and the Elite had stood.  He removed his helmet and placed it on the stand where it had been before.  He adjusted it slightly and looked out into space.

The ring was just below the ship and he could only see a fourth of it.  He watched it spin slowly, wondering how long it had taken the Forerunners to build such a thing.  He wondered how long it had been there and how much longer it would last.  He continued to think about the ring to take his mind off of the Elite.  He tried but it didn’t work.

From within the compartment in his armor’s left thigh, the Spartan pulled out a small, flattened, egg shaped object and placed it in his right hand.  He had felt the Elite secretly place it in his left hand but was too interested in his final words to really care about it.  He wondered if this was the artifact that Elite needed and if so, what its significance could be.  He rolled it around in his hand trying to see if it had any markings.  It was smooth and polished, a white stone with refractive properties creating colors similar to a large opal.

Dropping his hand to the stand that held his helmet, the Spartan closed his eyes, put his head down, and winced at a sudden sharp pain.  His left arm and side were still throbbing from the Hunters’ onslaught.  The throbbing of his head and body was a constant reminder of the Gravity Hammer.  His left jaw only hurt when he moved it, so he decided to keep his mouth closed.  This was not an easy task since the taste of blood in his mouth made his tongue want to writhe is if trying to escape.  Blood had also dripped down his arm and begun to pool in his glove.  He would lift his arm to drain the blood back into the armor to be reclaimed by the suit but at this point he didn’t care.

The Spartan looked up and took a deep breath.  Now that his duty was fulfilled to the Elite, he suddenly realized how tired and injured he actually was.  He thought hard about it but didn’t remember feeling the pain and fatigue during the battle, or even when he was carrying the Elite up the mountain pass.  He put his head down and shook it from side to side.

The Spartan turned and walked to the nearest pile of cushions.  As he slowly and painfully sat down, he looked at a nearby table shaped like a cube.  The table was small and dark reddish brown in color with swirling grains like an exotic wood.  In the middle of the top was a small, hand sized, flattened, egg shaped indentation.  He looked at the shape for a moment.  ‘Everything for the Elites has a purpose…’, he thought to himself.

The Spartan lifted the object in his hand and examined it.  It looked remarkably similar to the indentation.  The Spartan turned the object over to match the shape of the pattern on the table, with the larger end facing away from him and the smaller side pointing toward him.  He placed the object in the indentation and it seemed to lock in with a click, as if the white translucent crystalline object was magnetic.  

Very fine sand like particles from within the object began to light up in varying patterns.  The sparkling lights emerged and began to float in a swirling fashion above the table.  The colored specks moved one way then the other making different shapes as they flowed.  “Great, all this for a Forerunner version of a lava lamp”, the Spartan said.  

The Spartan laid back and relaxed in the cushions.  He sighed deeply.  He couldn’t remember when he last slept on anything but muck or the decking of the old Pelican wreck.  The cushions welcomed him as an embrace of a loved one, holding the Spartan in its arms, gently lulling him to sleep.  The Spartan closed his eyes and felt the medicine he received from Medic begin to do its work.  He twitched and jerked as the recurring nightmare began.  As he drifted off he heard, “GLOW NADE!!!  INCOMING!!!  COVENANT!!!”

The lights from the device continued to dance above the cubed platform.  It slowly began to emit a low hum.  Then the lights formed a pattern that did not waver, did not change but slowly almost unnoticeably spun over the device.  The hum faded away and was replaced by a calm male voice, almost hushed as if not wishing to wake the Spartan.  The voice was not deep but was a medium tone, as one would speak to a sleeping child.  Not enough to disturb the Spartan, the soothing voice flowed as the colored specks had done just moments before.  The gentle voice began almost as if asking a question, paused, and then ended as if stating a simple fact.  

The words that drifted over the quiet Spartan said, “I?… am Bias…”.

~~~~~ End of Part 2 - Precious Cargo ~~~~~

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Re: Precious Cargo - Chapter 26 - Day's End
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Bravo Bravo!!!!  :yesyes:

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Re: Precious Cargo - Chapter 26 - Day's End
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I just recently bought the Cole Protocol and have now forgotten everything that I read... Thanks Jokerman for tearing my interest from that good book to this AMAZING story. And maybe, just maybe.... I am biased. xD
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Re: Precious Cargo - Chapter 26 - Day's End
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I'm really glad you guys liked the second story of the series.

There might be another one coming out in a few weeks, if you guys are interested...   :gottadeal4u: