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SGD S3 Premiere - Walker's POV
« on: February 20, 2010, 04:21:27 AM »
I did this a while ago, but I'm going to post up little posts from my Stargate RPG site from time to time as I find interesting ones to write :D

We're currently starting Season 3 up, after over 3 1/4 years of activity!


City of Akrontiri

Handing the tablet computer back to the aide he had been talking to, Robert said, "Be sure that Lieutenant Myers checks in with me as soon as his team gets back.  Walk with me."  With that, the Lieutenant Colonel began walking down the corridor, the tech beside him.  He continued, "What is the status of the remaining teams?" to which the Warrant Officer replied, "SD-7 is off-world with the Atholians still, they radioed in 40 minutes ago.  SD-8 is still on stand-down after Captain Hall's brush with the flying monkey creature on 835 ... SD-9 and 10 are assisting the people of D9W-563 with reconstruction after the coup last week.  SDs 11 and 12 are off-world surveying former Olympian command and control outposts ... SD-13 is at the Alpha Site for their routine duty on security."

Walker nodded satisfactorily, then said, "Very well.  Get Doctor Grace to e-mail me a copy of Hall's charts soon.  Dial SD-9 through 12's planets, get a sitrep and forward it to my office.  It's not everyday we help stage a galactic war and we have to make sure we follow up on every bit of intel we get.  That will be all, thanks Chief."  The WO acknowledged the Marine and took a corridor off the left as SD-3's leader continued on.

These last few months had been a lot to take in for everyone in the expedition.  He was still amazed that the two-front war Delta had started with the Olympians had culminated in almost every resistance group in the galaxy standing up and joining the fight.  Where the Olympians had superior technology and resources, the unexpected resistance and sheer numbers of their opposition proved to be a fatal underestimation on the part of the Olympians.  Planet after planet had fallen, and after surveying their own situation, the Delta Site had inherited the responsibility of helping to rebuild and reorganize the galaxy.  Much like when the Goa'uld fell in the Milky Way, many communities were at a loss for what to do with their new-found freedom.

Rounding another corner, Robert saw Katrina ahead and smiled.  She caught him looking as she was talking to another expedition member and smiled back at him before resuming her conversation.  Since the mass attack on the Olympians, the two had rekindled and strengthened their original relationship.  She had overcome - for the most part - her false memories about what she had done to him, but a part of the manipulation of her mind was still buried in the recesses of her subconscious.  They had reconnected and finally decided to make their relationship official.  Both were willing to accept whatever came from it, and they knew full disclosure to the military was the only way they could truly move to the next step in their romance.  General Kepler, Colonel Loveridge, and Walker had discussed the matter at length before they informed the International Oversight Advisory about it.  Robert had specifically said that he would be willing to take up a non-field position with the expedition if that was what it would take for them to continue working together.

Thinking back on all the sacrifices that the Delta personnel had made since they stepped through to the Delian Galaxy had Robert thinking a lot of a change of pace.  With General Kepler being more and more scarce around their new Ancient home, Troy had been handling a lot of the upper administration of the city and Walker had been taking up more on the operations side of things.  To be honest, the seasoned special operations officer was enjoying his new role and felt that it really was a natural progression in his career.  Someone had told him a while ago that he couldn’t be on the front lines forever; he still did not believe this to be true.  However, being off the front lines was not so bad after all.

Office of the Chief of Communications

Seeing the door to the Communications Chief’s office open, Walker strode in.  Noticing Lieutenant Foster already there, he said, “Sorry to interrupt, Tim, Ash … I was in the neighborhood and thought I would stop by.  Ash, could you get me a copy of the transcript between the Folian and Woqan ambassadors when you get the chance?