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BFM - Camouflaged Campaign - Part 8
« on: October 19, 2014, 01:17:46 PM »
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0230 Hours, September 17, 2536 (Military Calendar)/Epsilon Eridani System, Planet Reach, Highland Mountain Range

The actively camouflaged pod slipped through the darkness as it made its descent from space. One never would've known that inside the four walls chaos was ensuing. Omca 'Furanmee suffered in near silence as the temperature climbed to unbearable levels. His lungs were on fire as they made every attempt to inhale enough oxygen for his large body. Still he remained quiet, his jaws clenched tight and eyes squinted. I will not be weak for the gods shall allow only the strongest into eternal bliss. I will be the strongest. I will give them no reason to deny me.

Finally, a bark was released from the sanghelli as the pod made impact with a rocky face of the Highland Mountains. Ashamed, Omca bowed his head in reverence before praying for forgiveness. He wiped the blood from his face before angrily gazing upon the wall of the pod. With a swift punch, the door flew open and almost came off of its hinges. He collected his weapons before resealing the camouflaged pod. With all of his strength, he dragged it to some overgrown bushes and placed it out of the way. No one could stumble upon it unless they were actively searching for it, and even then it'd be difficult. He sighed as he began covering the tracks he had made with the pod. Let them find me... They will die by my hand long before they can raise any alert. Although he longed for battle, he had his orders. Do not engage the enemy unless absolutely necessary to remain undetected. His face showed disgust just at the thought of it. He checked his attitude and then his weapons. He disliked their new capabilities. He didn't trust his weapons as he once had. They were no longer an extension of him, but were simply tools to be used. Have faith, for this gift was bestowed upon us by the Prophets. He zoomed in on a bird off in the distance. To the naked eye it appeared as a blur, but with the new feature he could make out individual feathers as they twitched, trying to find that perfect position.

Omca quickly scaled the tallest tree nearby and scouted for any nearby settlements or humans. Finding none, he began his transmission.

0305 Hours, September 17, 2536 (Military Calendar)/Epsilon Eridani System, Orbiting Reach

Omca's voice filled the room as Kako 'Mansakree took in the report. "I have landed in a mountainous region and am unsure of my exact location in relation to the demons. Weapons are fully operational and my transporter has been hidden. No human contact has been found as of yet and none is within visible range. Master, what are your orders?"

Kako's fingers immediately swarmed the control panel as he pulled up an overhead view of Reach, a blue dot showing his crew member's location. His eyes searched for any human installation in the immediate area. Upon finding one he zoomed in on what seemed to be some sort of training field. After more movement, his screen changed to scanning the magnetic properties of the planet. "Your heading is 165 degrees from the positive pole. You are at least a day's journey away, perhaps two. Is your visor showing the location?"

"It is master. Thank you again for this honor. I will succeed." Omca replied.

"Indeed you will." said Kako Or die trying. "Report when you have any new information or within two days if you have no intel. Go silent my brother, and be the will of the gods!" With that, the COMS link closed and Kako was back to waiting. He had been waiting far too long for this moment. Soon, the time would be upon them. His breathing grew slow and heavy as his eyes closed and his jaws dipped to form a smile as he imagined the battle to come. It shall be bloody, tiring, but most of all... glorious! It seemed as though giving Omca the title of Ossoona was questionable. However, he was the only Major amongst his crew other than his second-master.

"Is everything proceeding well, shipmaster?" A voice came from behind Kako. Immediately, Kako left his chair as he bowed before the Prophet.

"Yes, your holiness. Within two days time the Ossoona will have reached a human encampment. Surveillance could not determine if it is home to the demons, however I have complete faith in Omca that he will find information leading us to them." Kako reported.

"Good. Then you should have no issue with recommending yourself for the same mission should he not succeed." Ebullience replied. Kako was a good shipmaster, however he was impatient and curious. His tendency to be headstrong had nearly gotten them all killed before. The only thing that had saved them had been the compelling and cunning qualities had by the San 'Shyuum.

"It would be an honor." Kako forced.

"Very well then, I must return to my chambers to... report on our progress." the Prophet said before turning to leave. Upon his exit, he eyed the second-master and made sure to catch his glance. With that, it was understood that the second had gained his favor.


Unsure if I want to end this part here or not.... so.... I may add more. Sorry for the delay, but enjoy. = )
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Re: BFM - Camouflaged Campaign - Part 8
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YES!  YES!   YES!  :yesyes:

I really like the way this is coming together.  Definitely worth the wait.  More soon please!  :neckbeard: :dance: :toot: