Author Topic: Halo Racing nights @ Saturday, October 26th - 8PM CST  (Read 28736 times)

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Re: Halo Racing nights @ Saturday, May 11th - 8PM CST
« Reply #150 on: May 09, 2019, 03:06:17 AM »

Sometimes the server is a little wonky and doesn't show up in the lobby. If you want, you can join through direct IP:

Hope to see you around. :)

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Re: Halo Racing nights @ Saturday, May 11th - 8PM CST
« Reply #151 on: May 10, 2019, 04:11:26 PM »
Hi Fuzzy

Thanks!  I'm really keen to play.  However when I use that address in the Direct IP, it asks for a password.  If I don't enter a password it tells me I have been banned.
Since I haven't played with BFM for many years, and have never been banned, I assume the problem is that I need a password.  can you help?
A PM to my messages here on BFM is fine if you don't want the password in an open forum.
Sincere thanks!

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Re: Halo Racing nights @ Saturday, June 15th - 8PM CST
« Reply #152 on: June 15, 2019, 08:18:27 AM »
Being a good racer in Halo isn't just about getting the best times. You have to know where your teammates and enemies are, and most of all... how to be crafty! XD -nods-

Oh... and "v.v" = sad face.

Props to Plixity for the first sig, Slayton for the Season XIII trophy sig, and Jane for the banner(s)! Thx guys! ^.^

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Re: Halo Racing nights @ Saturday, October 26th - 8PM CST
« Reply #157 on: Today at 06:50:36 AM »
Quick update for our European racers as there's hour change this coming weekend!
  • October 26th - For UK players will start when the clocks hit 2AM and goes back 1 hour in time (1AM); Non-UK players will start 1 hour earlier at 2AM
  • November 2nd - Will start 1 hour earlier than usual at 1AM (UK players) or 2AM (Non-UK players)
After November 2nd, everything will be back to normal with the usual races starting at 2AM GMT or 3AM CET (GMT+1)