Author Topic: 7 DAYS TO DIE (Zombie apocalypse survival & craft game)  (Read 799 times)

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7 DAYS TO DIE (Zombie apocalypse survival & craft game)
« on: February 14, 2017, 11:39:46 AM »

Best way to describe this game in the shortest space :

Open World
Random Generated Landscape (Or there is a smaller map available made by the game creators... still GTA game kind of sized though)
Everything and anything is a destructable entity that can be used to make something else - Think minecraft, only much better graphics (voxel instead of pixel based).
SCREENSHOT (My old pyramid project - Graphics setting low bare in mind)

You can dig into the ground and make a den or huge underground mine,
You could build a summer house, or shack up in one already on the map and reinforce it. You could even make a skyscraper from the ground up... whatever you want really... But be mindful of structural integrity, the game has that system.

Decent little base example -

Whatever you feel will keep you safe each 7th day in the game...

On the 7th day, the zombie horde will head for you and anyone else you are with.
Teamwork, survival and crafting skills will be tested.

Lets hope you have found or made a decent weapon to begin with... Or maybe you have acquired the skills to build a mini motorcycle and get out of dodge for the next few (ingame) hours until daylight. Or if you are an awesome community, you will have all worked together to enable yourselves to not even worry about the lingering zombies, as you go about your way of rebuilding humanity.


Play with or against other players.


Build two bases next to each other within firing range and battle it out each week for one ingame hour on PVP nights.


Yeah.... build tracks... build mini bikes... race... It can be done. Though the nav points in halo wouldn't exist, the race element is potentially sill viable.

BIOMES (landscapes)

The map generates different landscapes from city biomes to forest biomes, desert and frozen biomes. So if you dont want to build in the desert land, and would prefer the nice chirpy bird tweeting atmosphere where its cooler and more trees to cut down, go there. Maybe you wish to reside in the burned out forest biome where its all dull and... burnt... :eyebrow:

Game in development. One that to me shows alot of potential and has improved alot over the years. The 7DTD community currently waiting for alpha update 16, will include painting ingame and some other cool new features.

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Re: 7 DAYS TO DIE (Zombie apocalypse survival & craft game)
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2017, 02:43:20 PM »
Game in development?  I feel like you've been playing 7DTD for years!  I'm sure I remember you talking about it back in '92...   :winkgrin:

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Re: 7 DAYS TO DIE (Zombie apocalypse survival & craft game)
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2017, 01:57:24 AM »
 :LOL: 1252 hours clocked on the game so you probably not wrong there hehe. I actually halted for a time posting, wondering if ive posted about this game in the past before but as i say, has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few major updates such as in the early days the terrain resembled more of a 'Minecraft' look, mountains looked like steps rather than slanted realistic ground. But now all has been smoothed out, draw distances improved. How the game randomly generates a map and the cities/shanty towns/road mapping.... Basically the resulting layout and landscapes are more immersive. Game stability drastically improved. I felt its a game worth promoting again either way.

Awaiting Alpha update 16: Electricity system with generators, battery banks, solar banks, lights, switches, relays, trigger system, melee traps, aranged traps and more
Painting system that allows every main architectural block in the game to be painted on every side with up to 128 unique textures.
Random Gen Beta Version which includes city, town and rural zoning, rivers, caves and a *doodoo* ton of new locations
Sleeper Zombie System where locations have sleeping zombies inside
Distant Location rendering system where you can see buildings miles away.
New and updated Animals with fur system support
There are a half a dozen extra features that could make it in if all goes well.

Tis always good when you pick one of these early access games and you can clearly see the development team's ongoing dedication. Game currently has a player base of around 13,000 players online average and 23,000 peak. The game is definitely doing well considering its dev status.