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Club pokerstars
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:17:59 PM »
hi everyone,

I come here because a few days ago I created a poker club that allows to play with friends only and allow to make his own games or tournament organize, it's the only way to be with friends without having random players next to you (these are games with fake money ONLY, just for a fun moment   :yesyes: )
In the event of a tournament created, all members of the club will receive an email giving him the necessary information (date, time...), will most often be on poker Hold'em NL

Anyone is interested ? send me a private message to receive ID and PW from the club to join. Anyway,  if there are a lot of people starting to join this club, I will probably create a discord to allow some to organized fair private games between them, as 4, 5 players or 1v1.

tell me your opinions and what you think about it  :)
kiss and see you on table, with your glasses   :shades:

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