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cuphead ( game of the year to me )
« on: May 25, 2018, 05:10:46 PM »
hello everyone,

I came here to present a game that deserves to be more known by all (is not very well known but a lot of extremely positive opinion.  its cuphead, realized by 3 people over a period of 8 years and hand drawing for each frame.

if you like tryhard games and cartoons 30's - 50's, this game is for you ;) !  the universe is beautiful, the textures idem and it is very well realized !!  it is worth it for its low price and the duration of the game is long with its high difficulty
just an EPIC game,  I recommend it to everyone, a game wonder and memories of childhood come back pleasantly.   :drool:  :drool:  very good experience ! for young and older people sure

enjoy   :yesyes:

- Clips
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