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How to RPG
« on: July 18, 2007, 05:48:37 PM »
Most of you know what an RPG is, but for those who don't it is a Role Playing Game

To make an RPG:

1. Think of a character (for this example i will use Fist Class Sergent Major Ryans)

2. Make a character bio with the past feats of the person ex:

On the fourth of May 2020 Jenny Ryans was born in Space station 4456 in orbit around Gyiim 4. She went to school at Gyiim 2 University and graduated with a bachelors in History of Warfare. After passing basic training she was almost immediately promoted to Sergent because of her past military connections. She set out to prove herself that she wasn't just given the job because of status, but because she deserved it. She went beyond all expectations and we join her in the heat of battle against the first ranks of Covenant Drones.

3. Make your story

"Get some riflemen on those buggers private!" shouted Ryans into he radio as she drove in her M12 LRV Warthog with chain guns blazing.

"I already sent them to take out the grunts Ma'am" came the reply

"Do you think thats my problem? Get them back here on th double!" by this time she had already driven off to another section of the battle when behind her she heard an earth-shattering explosion behind her in the general direction of the weapon supply house. "Why me," she thought to herself as she wheeled around to go inspect the damage.


4. Post it, get feedback

Have Fun!!! I hope this helped.

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Re: How to RPG
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2007, 08:31:28 PM »
you could also do something like 1 line rpg's with other people, like i would say

*Master Chief gets in a warthog and starts driving* (the *'s indicating action) and then the next person replying to the post would say something like
*He suddenly turns around and runs over Flops*

this is from flops:
Quote from: flops
Oh, so it's a story style rpg.  I was thinking more along the lines of one person being the gamemaster for the quest, and at different points a person/team would have the several choices for what they could do next, similar to text adventures.

(For instance, the Gamemaster says "You enter a room that has a window, a door, and a gremlin.  What do you do?"  Devin says "I attack the Gremlin with Magic Missile!"  Then the Gamemaster determines whether something good or bad happens, such as “The Gremlin is destroyed and leaves behind a pistol” or “The Gremlin dodges the attack and steals your money!”)

this is from geek:
Quote from: geek
It's also gonna be different types of RPGs too. If you want to make a Halo one that's fine. If you want a Resident Evil RPG, that's fine too. Just create a thread and it's all good. I'll post some of my own rules for you guys:

To start, you must describe who the character you are playing as is. Describe their surroundings and anything else. RPGs are like a big story with everyone else playing too. Your character can go around a town, a country-side, or whatever. They can interact with other characters in the story and so on and so forth. It is very fun!

Please keep these things in context. (I.E. You can't have your character be like "Mark grabbed a rocket launcher from under the table in the kitchen
"Marie was dead but then she was revived because Stone-Cold Steve Austin said so")

If the RPG calls for a thread where you can have any reace, then by George, go right ahead. Here's the setup of what a simple RPG fill-out thing should look like:


also if you need to say something that has nothing to do with the RPG, please put (OOC) *OOC means Out Of Character*and when you are done put (BIC) *BIC means Back In Character*

Please use sentences with regular letters. Do NOT use chat speak, if you do, some people might not understand, thus causing confusion and it might look wierd on the RPG

and to quote myself,
no godmoding. this is where your character has powers/skills that allows them to live forever, know everything, not get injured, etc etc.

that would be unfair!

and also
i think it is best if you only control your own character, someone else's character when they are part of a large group (such as "Bob tells all the soldiers to go to spot 1" and Joe is one of those soldiers, but naturally he listens), and also, each individual person (real people) can control the NPC's around their characters, such as "bob told the random guard to go get him a soda"

and here is a helpful quote from Coyote
Quote from: Coyote
Start by answering some questions.

Is your character male or female?
Why is (s)he here?
Where was (s)he born?
Are his/her parents 'gifted'?
Is (s)he social or a loner?
What is his/her home life like?
Is (s)he new here?
Is (s)he nocturnal?

Now that you've got the basis for a personality layed down, start with your tallents.

Is your character
...Phyisically different?

Once you've decided what kind of ability to have, work out some details.

Is your character powerfull?
How did (s)he get his/her power?
How long has (s)he had his/her power?
Is it constructive (healing), destructive, or neutral (special sight, physical ability)?
Does (s)he flaunt or hide his/her power?

Next to last is your characters apearance. His/her apearance should reflect his/her special ability. Mages tend towards robes while vampires tend towards blacks and greys. Werewolves and furries would have hair all over their bodies.

Last is the name of your character. It should take into acount things like familly backround as well as personal history.

For a familly history example, Litta Clearstrom sounds like a wizarding name While Gary Scott sounds very plain and simple. Litta comes from a very large wizarding family while Mr. Scott is a normal human.

For personal history example, A.J. is actually Ancalagon-John, referencing the two beings that make up his one mind. Kreedance is another one. His name helps augment his personality. (newbs probably aren't familiar with Kreedance though since Cayen's been out of a web connection for quite some time)

One thing to remember about names is that the only bad ones are ones that someone else is using.

I hope this helps.

Well that is all for now, from the original post in the old forums.  Thanks for your time, and check in frequently for updates.
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Re: How to RPG
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2007, 06:01:13 AM »
Nice work there, Devin, less work for me, Taco, Hangy and the rest lol

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Re: How to RPG
« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2007, 09:56:37 AM »
well when i saw that Taco's post didn't have everything there, I thought....hmmmm maybe it would be easier and faster if just one person copied the important stuff over....and since I was bored, I decided to be that one person :)
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